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Whether you’re starting your own company or have an established business, efficient operations, managing overhead, sourcing new prospects, and marketing are key functions for success. Our VetCV Business Resources Partners will help you make sure these functions are done right.





VetCV Tools & Partners

  • Entrepreneurship Support/Professional Development
  • Marketing/Ad Agencies & Business Dev
  • Marketing Tools
  • Health Insurance & Discounts
  • CRM's & ATS's
  • Higher Education
  • Supply Chain
  • Talent / Hiring
Entrepreneurship Support/Professional Development

Business and startup courses, networking, and funding.


Launch & Grow Your Business

Marketing/Ad Agencies & Business Dev

If you need full service help by professionals that understand the startup marketing space, these Patriot Teaming Partners can help. They can also help with a complete re-branding, or if you simply need help to grow your existing businesses or increase your market share.

Marketing Tools

These resource tools help maintain steady, reliable, and relevant communications with all your clients/audiences.

Health Insurance & Discounts

Health/Medical Coverage - Access to Care Where & When you need it.

CRM's & ATS's

Business and network development, sales tracking, and talent management tools.

Higher Education

These educational institutions are known to be Veteran friendly. Also check out the "Education" module for more - Click Here

Supply Chain

Operations & supply chain partners who will support your business.

Pet Pros - Veterinary Medicine

Supplies & Support

Talent / Hiring

Hiring & staffing tools

Vital resources in helping employers define skilled workers necessary to be competitive in the marketplace.

Track and post jobs with the world's most comprehensive suite of cloud-based talent management tools.



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