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Getting your business back to normal in the times of COVID-19 will be a challenge. If you’re ready to invite your customers to come back, need to stay in touch with your current customers, or looking to nurture new ones, well-planned communications will be the key to success. Almost certainly you need to step up efforts to communicate with your customers and suppliers with well crafted messages.

Email marketing works! Get started today with the fastest and easiest way to create, send, and track your email marketing campaigns.

Nurture and strengthen your customer relationships by staying in touch by sending relevant tips and updates, invitations or special offers, we’ve got you covered!

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"You must have a constant communications tool in place to market to current and prospective customers, particularly if the messaging is crafted to be informative and genuine vs. pushy and clearly a sales push. Remember that your customers trust and count on you."

Niels Andersen, CEO, VetCV

Reach & Frequency – Basically your message needs to Reach the right audience. In this case you need to reach current and prospective customers and don’t forget to communicate with your customers, network of referring businesses, and your suppliers too. Then you have to get your message out elegantly and tastefully to that audience several times without being overwhelming, Frequency. Statistically, once a person sees a message 8-9 times, they begin to believe and trust it.

With KiBSender, you can literally get started today. KiBSender, is the fastest and easiest way to create, send, and track your email marketing campaigns. You need to do everything you can to nurture and strengthen your customer and network relationships by staying in touch. Combining email and social media initiatives is a very effective way to send relevant tips and business updates, invitations, or special offers.

Let marketing technology tools help you. Tools today are by in large easy and quick to implement. Don’t procrastinate! Timing is critical – You need to be the first to get the word out! Every one of your competitors are likely marketing too, including targeting your customers!

The KiBSender team delivers years of e-mail marketing expertise and understands the importance of keeping your message in front of your current and new prospect customers, and colleagues in your referral network. Now you can quickly and easily kick-off your automated marketing campaign.

Kick off your automated communications campaign for as little as $29

Once you register for your Primary Admin Account, you can begin creating your templates and import your contact lists, or use one of your existing lists. You can then begin creating campaigns immediately.

Primary Admin Account


per month/each

Ability to control and approve campaigns

Add/delete additional users

User privilege controls

Additional User Accounts


per month/each

Once you're ready to send your e-mails, then select the e-mail block option that meets your needs. Here is an example of how the model works: If you buy the 10,000 e-mail block, you can send up to 10,000 emails. It can be 5,000 this month and 5,000 next month. It works like buying a data plan or minutes for your phone. Best of all, your e-mail block doesn't expire. Once you have used your block, just a buy a new one.

1,000 E-Mail Block


5,000 E-Mail Block


10,000 E-Mail Block



Best option for small businesses, start ups and personal projects

25,000 E-Mail Block


50,000 E-Mail Block


100,000 E-Mail Block


250,000 E-Mail Block


250,001 + E-Mail Block

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eMail Verification Services: If you need any purchased lists verified as to deliverability, KiBSender can do that too. Verification Bundle Pricing

5,000 E-Mail Bundle


10,000 E-Mail Bundle


25,000 E-Mail Bundle


50,000 E-Mail Bundle


50,001 + E-Mail Bundle

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