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As transitioning service members start their new careers, they can be particularly vulnerable to unfair practices in the workplace. VetCV's partnership with Whistleblowers of America is part of our efforts to provide Veterans and their families with the legal resources they need.

Whistleblowers of America (WoA) is a voluntary peer support network that assists employees who have disclosed wrongdoing at work and are dealing with a hostile work environment. Whistleblowers facing retaliation often experience termination, demotion, gaslighting, devaluing, shunning, and bullying among other career impacts. These events can lead to posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide. A Peer connection can help employees make decisions, solve problems, and feel more resilient.

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Everyone Has A Right To Be Heard

WoA's primary mission is to provide evidence-based peer support that matches mentors and mentees who follow a WoA whistleblower strategic plan. They have also developed their taxonomy to promote understanding of the toxic tactics of retaliation and tools that clinicians and attorneys can use to document the impact of retaliation. Lastly, WoA experts who can assist with mediation, education, and training are available for organizations that want to resolve conflicts and prevent retaliation.

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You can help WoA defend your rights and protect those that speak up.

Workplace Promise Institute:

The Training and Education Center of Whistleblowers of America.

The Whistleblowers Protection Advocate certification “recognizes the need to rebalance access to justice and share information among employees who relate wrongdoing but suffer from retaliation and its psychosocial effects.”

Meet the Team

Jacqueline Garrick

President - WoA

Paul Pearson

Vice President - WoA


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