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24/7/365 Virtual Healthcare Services - all with a $0 Co-Pay & $0 Deductible

Access to Affordable Healthcare When You Need it, Anywhere.

Our VetCV User community told us about their frustrations around healthcare. Distance, time, and availability should be the furthest things from your mind when you need to see a doctor. On 9/11/2022 we launched a solution to help. Available to the entire VetCV member community, it just takes a few minute to sign up. It literally couldn't be easier to have access to live physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants that care!

If you haven't activated a VetCV account for your self yet, no worries. That easy too, just click here first to create your account, then select your health plan from inside your new Vault account.

Whether you're insured or uninsured, Virtual health, Prescription Meds, and face to face wellness services and resources are just a click or call away.

That's why we're proud to partner with a trusted Patriot Teaming Partner Health Karma, to work on these issues and bring this solution to you. For months, our teams worked together to build this platform to specifically cater to Veterans, Active Duty Military, and their Families so we could launch in time for 9/11/2022.

So what is Virtual Healthcare?

Think of it as "Virtual Tech Support for your body" where you can talk with and "See" a real doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant that cares - where and when you need them - on your terms. They will all be super happy to see you too! Won't that be nice! This solution ties in perfectly with our mission principle statement: "Where Veterans Take Control!" Take control of your healthcare!

Just a Few of the Best Features

Urgent & Primary Care

Talk to doctors 24/7 when you need RX for non-emergency issues like colds, flu, stomach ailments, UTIs, and more.

In-the-Moment Emotional and Behavioral Health

Immediate, 24/7 access to behavioral health clinicians for critical incidents and life/work balance issues


Prescription drug discounts as high as 80% on most medications. New Updated Formulary of 37+ Free medications included in plan being released soon!

Pet Virtual Care

24/7 unlimited consultations with veterinarians to discuss pet health, wellness, behavioral, and training issues.

There Is Much More!

Stay tuned, even more is in the works!

Affordable virtual care for you and your family.

Easy Rx, Primary, & Urgent care appointments.

In-the-moment behavioral & mental health services.

Convenient & accessible virtual care available 24/7.

$0 co-pay & $0 deductible for all services.

Simple, just choose the Month-to-Month plan you need

Individual Plans


Month-to-Month Subscription

No Commitment

No hidden charges!

Family Plans


Up to 7 household dependents

Month-to-Month Subscription

No Commitment

No hidden charges!


Want to learn more about Virtual Healthcare and Health Karma?

Drop us a line, we'll be glad to tell you more!



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